Minister Caught Out On Misleading Water Statement

National have been caught out again, making up facts to suit their story, says New Zealand First Primary Industries Spokesperson Richard Prosser

“Minister for the Environment Nick Smith has misled Parliament.

“The Minister fabricated facts about New Zealand First’s stance on charging for water, not once but three times, on an issue we’ve been vocal on.

“In May he told Parliament that he had seen New Zealand First’s proposal to charge 10  cents a litre on all commercial water users. 

“He breached the rules of Parliament. The Speaker allowed New Zealand First to respond to the misrepresentation in Parliament today.

“New Zealand First has never had such a proposal. Our policy is for a royalty on the export of water.

“About 25 per cent of that royalty should stay in the region where the water was sourced.  It is not, and has never been, a 10 cents per litre charge as Minister Smith stated.

“It’s outrageous that government Ministers think they can get away with telling fibs to suit their agenda,” says Mr Prosser.