Millions Of Reasons For Northlanders To Be Angry

While the Electricity Authority and the National government are demanding Northpower and Top Energy customers pay over $9 million more for their power each year, the real cost on Northland’s biggest businesses takes the impact closer to $11 million.

“Northlanders have 10.6 million reasons to be angry and each is called a dollar,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“That’s why we have a petition circulating at the Northland Field Days demanding that Parliament look into the cockamamie Electricity Authority and its transmission pricing chicanery.


“It is bad enough that Northlanders could be $9.2m out of pocket from a power price jack-up that’s designed to pay for Transpower’s infrastructure. It gets worse when large prospective employers will look at our power charges and run a mile.


“The crazy thing is this – Transpower is meant to be a business, its grid upgrade has already been completed and yet Northland has suffered three power outages in the past four months on its supposedly upgraded infrastructure.


“This is all the National government’s doing and just to rub salt into our wounds, Transpower announced an interim dividend of $66m which goes to the government.  This is a state-run dividend protection racket that Mafioso would approve of.


“As the government is deliberately turning a blind eye to these swingeing power price increases, the New Zealand First site at the Northland Field Days (Rural Pavilion 1, site 622), is hosting a petition to force action in Parliament.

“Unlike the government, we know power pricing affects not just economic development but thousands of Northlanders who struggle to make ends meet,” says Mr Peters.