“In today’s Parliament are a number of Māori who are the match for anyone else there and most of them do not hold a Māori seat. Despite having Māori seats, most Māori yearn for the same thing as most New Zealanders do - a safe, affordable home; an easily accessible health system; an education system with escalators onto which any child can step, and go as far as they wish; and First World jobs and incomes. In 1986, the Royal Commission on the electoral system recommended the Māori seats be abolished should MMP be adopted. New Zealand First will bring forward a referendum to given Kiwis that decision.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Māori don’t need the Māori seats. They don’t need tokenism. That is why we commit to a referendum of all electors to retain or abolish the Māori seats.


  • Ensure that all policy-making is based on need and not on race, creed or colour.
  • Restructure the Ministry for Māori Development.
  • End Whanau Ora and redirect resources into programmes that work for all Māori.
  • Encourage Māori to build houses on collectively owned land.
  • Strengthen the structures of the Māori Women's Welfare League, Māori Wardens and Te Kōhanga Reo.
  • Address entrenched problems associated with the rating of multiple owned Māori land and rates remission.
  • Ensure that the role of the Māori Language Commission is focused on actively protecting Māori language and culture, not under the guise of a Treaty obligation, but rather because they are the indigenous language and culture of New Zealand.


  • The Treaty should be a source of national pride and unity and not used to expand the separate rights of Māori or anyone else.
  • The Treaty is not part of the New Zealand Constitution. It is not capable of supporting the extraction of so-called ‘principles’ for any legislative or government purpose. Ill-defined and abstract ‘principles’ are a recipe for legal and constitutional misunderstanding and dispute.
  • The Waitangi Tribunal must fully, fairly and finally complete the settlement of all outstanding claims. New Zealand First believes in the concept of a fair go for all New Zealanders and this includes settling genuine historical grievances.