Manawatu Gorge And SH3 Are Real Roads Of National Significance

NZ First says the government must get real about plans for the severed SH3 while supporting businesses and workers affected by the Manawatu Gorge’s closure.

“If any road in New Zealand is a ‘Road of National Significance’ this is it, so where were National’s flash harry Ministers and given Radio New Zealand’s coverage, where were they?” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“National left it to the NZTA to take the heat while its local mouthpiece, the alleged Member of Parliament for Wairarapa, could not have been more out of step with his own voters.  They’ve had a gutsful of being treated like also-rans by this government and that MP.

“Does anyone think, for a single second, that this would be at all accepted in Auckland?

“Of immediate need is a response for the businesses and workers affected by the Gorge’s indefinite closure.  This is their earthquake or flood but the government is doing nothing.

“Coming across the Saddle Road tells us that this road is not holding up at all well.  The only ones winning from the Gorge’s closure are the wheel alignment specialists.

“NZ First will ensure we spend what is needed so that we get a restored SH3 right first time.  We need to invest properly and from our standpoint the most effective route is the most direct one - through the Manawatu Gorge.

“That demands people break the habits of a lifetime and swing their support in behind a Party whose leader got to Woodville to hear what the people there need,” says Mr Peters.