Long Wait Over Rail Link To Airport Unacceptable

05 April 2017

Having Aucklanders wait 30 years for a rapid transport route from the central city to the airport shows National isn’t serious about ending the city’s transport woes, says New Zealand First Transport spokesperson Denis O’Rourke.

“NZTA and Auckland Transport have confirmed that rail is their preferred option for this route, but they have condemned Aucklanders and those that visit the city to decades more of sitting in gridlock.

“Even the designated corridor which will initially be a busway, won't get built for another 10 years.

“The focus should be on building a rail corridor between Puhinui and the airport and a railway to connect Auckland’s suburban network.

“There also needs to be links to Hamilton and other high demand destinations. 

“There has been little development along this 6.8 kilometre route and with only one bridge required, no reason exists why high speed, heavy passenger rail could not be moving on it within five years.
“This would mean, not only a speedier solution to Auckland’s transport problems, but also  a  much faster route to and from the airport using trains capable of far greater capacity than would be achievable by light rail.

“The National government should fully fund the rail link, which would be much better value for money than the many billions already being spent on expansions to Auckland’s motorways,” says Mr O’Rourke.