“New Zealand First takes a strong line on Law and Order. It is a basic right of all New Zealanders to live in a safe society.  New Zealand First believes in safe, secure communities where people and their property are respected and protected. New Zealand First recognizes that the rights of the victims are paramount, and that the offender's rights are subordinate to the rights of both the victim and the state.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Recruit 1,800 Sworn Police (920 more than National).
  • Establish a temporary Police Training College at Waiouru in partnership with the New Zealand Army to get these extra officers on the streets within two-years.
  • Recruit 256 extra civilian support staff over what National has pledged to free frontline officers from necessary paperwork.
  • Form a 70-person Flying Squad of 56-experienced officers and 14-support staff to target criminality and gangs.
  • Review the Serious Fraud Office.
  • Trial Police Volunteer Support in Northland as volunteer sworn police (similar to volunteer firefighters and armed forces reserves).
  • Ensure that Police are funded to be on duty when crime happens instead of peak-police generally happening in the early afternoon.
  • Make sure speed cameras are placed only at proven accident blackspots.
  • Provide proper and adequate resourcing for Community Policing, including Māori Wardens, Pasifika Wardens, Community Patrols and Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Institute active engagement by police with our schools and communities to build trust and to help prevent and solve crime.
  • Review police pay and conditions with the goal of achieving parity with those in Australia.


  • Reintroduce the chargeable offence of drunk and disorderly to include drugs.
  • Introduce Australian style legislation to crack down on criminal gangs and organised crime.
  • Introduce cumulative sentencing for offenders convicted of more than one crime including white collar crime.
  • Adopt and implement the philosophy that “Life will mean Life” with a mandatory minimum non-parole period of 40-years for premeditated murder.
  • Ensure that meaningful minimum sentences for ‘King-Hit’ and Looting are established and implemented.
  • Review bail, sentencing and parole laws including recent changes to these laws, in order to address public concerns and expectations.
  • Set up a publicly accessible sex offender’s register.


  • Protect the interests of license holders recognising that New Zealand has some of the world’s lowest rates of gun-crime despite high rates of legal gun-ownership.
  • Establish a separate Firearms Authority independent of the Police, to oversee the implementation and enforcement of firearms-related law.