Kiwis Missing Out On America's Cup

Most Kiwis are out of luck if they want the chance to watch this year’s Americas Cup live and free-to-air, says New Zealand First.

“Many New Zealanders simply cannot afford the monthly payments for a Sky subscription to watch important sporting events like the America’s Cup,” says Spokesperson for Sport and Recreation Clayton Mitchell.

“That’s not fair. It was taxpayers who built up state broadcasting. In 2015, New Zealand councils invested $873 million into sport and recreation. Our taxes chipped in another $85 million to give top athletes the best coaching and training opportunities. That’s nearly a billion dollars of money from New Zealanders for sport.

“New Zealand First believes we should follow Britain and Australia, which have laws ensuring their citizens have live free-to-air sports broadcasts of national significance.

“New Zealand First’s Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill would have achieved this.

“But National, Labour, United Future, ACT and the Maori Party voted against the bill, allowing this unfair situation to continue.

“Sport is important for health, particularly as obesity numbers are rising, the big games and players have a huge influence on youngsters aspiring to take part in sport, and it is part of Kiwi culture. That’s why being able to watch New Zealanders in action for free is so important.”