Kiwis Fed Up With Reckless Immigration Records

Months ago Treasury, the Reserve Bank and others warned it was time immigration numbers were pulled back to realistic and sustainable levels but the government ignored them, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Statistics released today show in the February 2017 year we had 128,800 migrant arrivals which is yet another record, and in the same period 71,300 more migrants arrived in New Zealand than left.

“Now, ordinary Kiwis are starting to wake up; they’re getting fed up with it.

“They are realising thousands of migrants, many of whom are low-skilled and desperate to get here, artificially pump up the economy and help create a bogus surplus.

“They understand that we cannot go on accepting new record numbers of migrants year-on-year.

“We are creating a city as big as Rotorua every year while young New Zealanders are being pushed out of starter jobs and all sorts of pressures are being brought to bear.

“It’s unsustainable.

“More than 91,000 young New Zealanders don’t have jobs; they are not in training or education and the numbers have worsened under eight years of National

“New Zealand needs a plan to increase our productivity for long term economic gains but this government simply doesn’t have one,” says Mr Peters.