Kiwis Not Getting A Fair Go With Sports Coverage

Many Kiwis will miss yet another game of national significance being played this weekend because they can’t afford a SKY subscription says New Zealand First

“Only the privileged few who can afford it will have the chance to watch our Black Caps take on South Africa live this weekend. That’s not fair, says New Zealand First Sport and Recreation Spokesperson Clayton Mitchell.

“So many Kiwis have missed out on watching the cricket this summer, what’s going to happen when the Lions tour in July? Or any other significant match in the future?

“ It’s the Kiwi way of life to watch the All Blacks play in our own back yard – not having to pay for the privilege.

“It’s time for a change.

“We believe everyone should be able to see our top sports teams live on TV since taxpayers pay nearly a billion dollars each year for sport and recreation and built up state television.

 “Our Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill will come before Parliament early next month. It aims to make sure the important sports matches can be seen by all and don’t cost a cent.

“It’s not a big ask; New Zealand had it before and we can have it again,” says Mr Mitchell.