Jetstar Deal Shows Up National's Disloyalty

National’s approval of a lucrative government contract being handed over to Australian-owned Jetstar is a body blow to Air New Zealand and other New Zealand-owned companies, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“It reveals National has no great loyalty to this country and is quite happy to have a major New Zealand branded company trampled over by outsiders to get their hands on a good deal.

“Does National want to see this country become another state of Australia?

“That’s an impression the public might now have: Nearly all of our banks are Australian owned; Australian companies control and own our main print media; and Australian chains have a large chunk of our retail trade.

“Prime Minister English under-estimated New Zealanders when he said in Parliament today that New Zealand households would use the services they thought met their needs.

“Most New Zealanders are not like that – they support their own.

“New Zealand First believes the government and all government agencies should support our own taxpayer owned national carrier, Air New Zealand, which takes our image and brand around the world – Jetstar doesn’t,” Mr Peters says.