Insurance Bills To Rise From Fire Service Amalgamation

The cost of the amalgamation of rural and urban fire services will be an extra cost on New Zealanders’ fire insurance bills, says New Zealand First.

“Total fire service costs as a result of the amalgamation will immediately rise $80 million,” says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Internal Affairs Clayton Mitchell.

“That is a 40% increase for New Zealanders who insure against fire damage.

“For an organisation that was meant to deliver efficiencies this makes no sense.

“There will be no increase in services.

“With costs predicted to continue to grow how can reforms supposedly about  efficiency end up costing New Zealanders hundreds of millions more?

“This is a disaster produced to make sense of endless government reviews which have led nowhere.

“New Zealand First does not believe that this amalgamation will produce the best results for New Zealanders who do the right thing and insure their homes,” says Mr Mitchell.

The bill is in its third reading tomorrow and will be implemented on 1 July. New Zealand First is the only party opposing it.