Immigrants Hit Paradise; Ordinary Kiwis Suffer

Getting homes and jobs has been made even tougher for ordinary Kiwis with a record 70,600 migrants settling permanently in New Zealand last year, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Every month for two and a half years we have set records for the huge numbers of immigrants coming here. Today’s new record is immigration at 127300 for the year to December 2016.

“As this happens the government just sits by and does nothing since rampant immigration drives down wages through job competition and props up artificial consumption

“Even Treasury, MBIE, ANZ and others have warned of the dire consequences but the National Government ignores them.

“At the same time big business interests spew out their propaganda via one of their mouthpieces, NZ Initiative, which lacks any academic credibility.

“Immigration is great for immigrants – they’ve hit paradise compared with what they’ve come from – but the paradise ordinary Kiwis once knew is in decline.

“It’s ordinary Kiwis who are struggling to get a house or a job, or places in hospitals and schools.”

“Clearly the government is not listening to them,” says Mr Peters.