If RMA Bill Passed, NZ First Will Repeal It

04 April 2017

New Zealand is headed for separatist parallel government if the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill is passed and if it is, New Zealand First will repeal it after this year’s general election, says party leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“We support comprehensive RMA reforms if they are based on one law for all but this bill isn’t.

“This bill is an attempt at parallel government with the Maori Party trying to get what they couldn’t through the ballot box.

“The National government is just kow-towing to Maori Party ‘brown-mailing’ and taking the K out of Kiwi – it’s all about iwi.

“It is handing enormous power not to 99 percent of Maori – but to the Maori elite.

“Iwi will become consenting authorities, either as a stand-alone full consenting authority or in a joint consenting role along with local councils.

“New Zealand is heading down a dangerous path with this Bill and if it is passed, we will repeal it after September 23,” says Mr Peters.