Housing Crisis: A Farce Of Pot Calling Kettle Black

National and Labour’s reaction to the housing crisis is to blame each other.

“Both are the guilty parties,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.  

“The Labour Government up to 2008 had a housing crisis on its hands, and did not deal with it.

  “Then National  campaigned in the 2008 election on the ‘housing crisis’ with a plan to fix it.  

“Once in government the crisis mysteriously evaporated for National, but not for New Zealanders who are still living it.

  “Today on The Nation both Labour and  National argued the point over what they would do and what they claim to be doing.   “Neither is convincing and the evidence defeats them.  

“Kiwis are shut out of housing ownership, social agencies are trying to rescue Kiwis who are living in cars and garages, and rents are skyrocketing and eating more and more of  family incomes.  

“There’s no solution on the horizon with either Labour or National.”