“All New Zealanders must have a genuine opportunity to buy their own home. New Zealand First believes that this is only achievable by government intervention with affordable housing defined by some politicians as being half a million dollars. That is not the New Zealand way and we will address this and other critical issues with the New Zealand Housing Plan.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Initiate the New Zealand Housing Plan to revamp the New Zealand housing market covering housing availability and affordability as well as rental homes supply and affordability.
  • Reduce pressure on housing by slashing 72,400 foreign migrants net, who entered New Zealand over the past year with most settling in Auckland.
  • Ensure that only New Zealand citizens and Permanent Residents can buy freehold land.
  • Recognise that there is a housing crisis by establishing a new state agency to acquire and develop land for residential development:
    • Provide first home buyers with affordable residential sections under long term low interest sale and purchase agreements of up to 25 years.
    • Purchasers would build their own homes using normal bank financing, with title to the section transferred to them and the amount owing for the section, secured by a second ranking statutory land charge.


  • Provide subsidies to insulate 53,000 houses ever year.
  • Review building standards to ensure better building quality including earthquake and landslip resistance.
  • Require compulsory and adequate insurance cover be acquired by all building owners.
  • Fully monitor and enforce the terms and conditions of existing approvals by the Overseas Investment Commission for the ownership of land by non-residents.


  • Assist local authorities to develop aged-care housing and public rental housing projects.
  • Provide accelerated deprecation for landlords to invest in energy efficient housing from insulation to HRV systems.