Hosking Singing Out Of Tune - As Usual

11 May 2017

As Mike Hosking says he is “not a journalist”.

And by his last column he is certainly no analyst.

He may be free to have his vituperative attack on Andrew Little but he is not going to get away with it where I am concerned.

His trenchant dismissal of New Zealand First is why no self-respecting media should employ him, but that is another story.

He says “half of the 70,000 (it’s net 71,900) involve New Zealanders and Australians”.

He’s referring to net immigration and his statement is false.

He says “No-one wants to leave and lots want to come back” – that statement is false.

In the last measurable year, the difference of those leaving New Zealand and those coming back was a net loss to New Zealand of 1,300.

Then he says “to cut the overall numbers by tens of thousands, what’s Andrew is telling them - they can’t come back or in?” Apart from the grammatical porridge that statement is also false.

Mr Hosking doesn’t understand that New Zealanders returning home are not immigrants; a kindergarten child would know that.

And there you have it really.

But of course, as the British say, ‘The malady of the ignorant is to be ignorant without knowing it.’