Guy Trying To Gain Kudos Out Of Northland Drought

08 February 2017

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has put plain stupid political interests ahead of the greater good of Northland’s drought affected farmers, New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Winston Peters says.

“On January 16 as Northland MP I sent a letter to Mr Guy inviting him to visit drought affected farms in Northland.

“Well after he had decided to come North he invited me at 3.57pm on the day before to join him at a Northland farm the next morning but neither he nor his staff had the courtesy to advise where, when and at what time.

“Droughts are not times to play stupid party political games.

“By trying to politicise a highly serious situation facing farmers and resorting to deceive Mr Guy has done his party no good whatsoever.

“Mr Guy had previously advised the media and the National Party Northland candidate.”