Greens ‘Greenwash’ Climate Change Policy By Stealing NZ First's

The Green Party has been all over the place on the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and has resorted to copying aspects of New Zealand First’s Climate Change policy.

“The Green Party has been for the ETS, against the ETS, for the ETS and now want to ‘phase it out’ and replace it with a Carbon Commission and domestic solutions.

“That’s only copying aspects of what NZ First has been saying since 2011.

“But typical of that party, which bases policy on 100% theory and 0% reality, they don’t understand that the environment and economy are flipsides of the same coin.  Countries like Norway understand that and are both progressive and environmental leaders.

“No one can tax their way to a better climate and NZ First is alone in understanding that. says Mr Peters.

“The great advantage of the New Zealand First policy is that there are enormous savings of $1.4 billion per annum which will be spent financing the success of our own policy,” says Mr Peters.


This is what New Zealand First will do:

 NZ First will repeal the Emissions Trading Scheme and replace it with a UK-style Climate Change Act (the UK policy is in serious accord with Norway’s policy, that is, that both populations will clean their own act up.) 

 Integral to this new Climate Change Act will be a new Parliamentary Commission for Climate Change, or PCCC, to be established as an office of Parliament; 

 The Parliamentary Commission for Climate Change will be legally responsible for reporting against both the Kyoto and Paris Agreements.  It will work with the government to set a three-yearly ‘Carbon Budget’ designed to reach these commitments such as forestry with NZ First committed to reestablishing the Forestry Service; 

 The first such ‘Carbon Budget’ will become operative in 2021 with the Parliamentary Commission for Climate Change providing independent advice to Government on how to meet carbon budgets and how to prepare for climate change.  It will also conduct independent analysis into climate change science, economics and policy;  

The Parliamentary Commission for Climate Change will be funded from current administrative costs for the Emissions Trading Scheme meaning it is cost neutral;  

Savings from no longer having to buy $1.4bn worth of emission units every year will be redirected into research and development and adapting to climate change.