Government Mess-Up Costs Kaipara Ratepayers Another$321,000

Northland MP, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, is writing to the Prime Minister to demand that the government reimburse $321,960.62 to the Kaipara District Council, spent under the government’s illegally appointed Crown Manager.

“The shabby way Kaipara ratepayers have been treated by this government and its bureaucracy shows the unaccountability of elites,” says the Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland.

“In all of the finger pointing over the Mangawhai Wastewater Scheme it’s been the poor Kaipara ratepayer who has been overlooked.

“And thanks to another National screw-up, appointing a Crown Manager with illegal terms of reference, they’ve made Kaipara ratepayers cough up $321,960.62 and all for nothing.

“The decent thing is for Mr English to admit that a Minister in his government, the Hon Louise Upston, seriously screwed-up.  Next, is to repay $321,960.62 to the Kaipara District Council and we are writing to the Prime Minister to suggest he do just that.

“That should only be the start because Kaipara’s ratepayers were failed by past councillors and managers.  Kaipara was failed by the Audit Office and they were unforgivably failed by National’s appointed Commissioners.  If that’s not bad enough National then passed legislation to validate all of this mess.  It is betrayal after betrayal.

“If the government cannot build the bridges it promised in 2015, then it can at least build bridges to Kaipara by reimbursing the $321,960.62 they’ve been forced to spend and all for nothing,” says Mr Peters.