Forest & Bird Hypocritical Over Clean Waterways

Forest and Bird are guilty of quite galling hypocrisy over their response to the Government’s proposed new standards for clean waterways and swimmable rivers, says New Zealand First.


“Forest and Bird were trying to have their cake and eat it too.  On the one hand they decry the National Government’s cynical doubling of allowable E.coli levels to make unsafe waterways suddenly clean enough to swim in, while on the other they say absolutely nothing about, and actually support, government agencies dropping deadly toxic 1080 poison in creeks and streams because it’s too hard to avoid them when dumping it from the air,” says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Primary Industries, Richard Prosser.


“Huge quantities of E.coli gets into waterways when the carcasses of dead animals and native birds, killed by 1080,  break down and rot in streams and rivers endangering the health of communities and tourists, but we don’t hear a word out of Forest and Bird about that.


“Carcasses are supposed to be removed from waterways following 1080 poison drops, and the poison’s American manufacturer specifically states that 1080 poison is not to be used in or near waterways, but neither of those conditions are ever adhered to by DOC, TB Free, or Regional Councils because it’s too difficult and expensive, so it goes into the too hard basket.


“We don’t hear a peep from the Twigs and Tweets about that because it suits their agenda.


“It’s blatant hypocrisy and they need to be called out about it and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” says Mr Prosser.