“New Zealand First's approach to international relations is tough-minded, independent, and integrated. It affirms and enhances our country's traditional relationships while recognizing the emergence of global, and the realities of regional and international politics.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Provide the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade with resources it needs.
  • Promote diplomacy as the first option to resolve international conflict.
  • Remain strongly committed to New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy.
  • Oppose the National-led government’s sponsorship of UNSC2334.
  • Continue to advocate against the exploitation of Antarctica and for the cessation of all whaling.


  • Oppose investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in bilateral and multilateral agreements and by extension the Trans Pacific Partnership-11, which offers little for our exporters.
  • Revise current FTA deals being negotiated to make sure they are real and are in our interests (such as protection of land and strategic assets).
  • Renegotiate existing poor-quality deals to increase their quality and benefit.
  • Conclude the Russia-Belarus Kazakhstan Customs Union Free Trade Agreement as a priority – that bloc being the world’s number two dairy and beef importer.
  • Initiate public diplomacy in countries we want Free Trade Agreements with in order to win their public over and secure a better deal for their country and especially, ours.
  • Prioritise free and fair trade deals with Japan, United Kingdom, EU and the United States.
  • Initiate Closer Commonwealth Economic Relations (CCER) to deepen existing bilateral deals with Commonwealth countries.


  • Refocus NZTE to supporting small and medium sized exporters with practical research, translation services and effecting commercial introductions.