Farmers Are Lions Being Led By Political Donkeys - Peters

New Zealand farmers are lions being led by political donkeys who have allowed China to stealthily seize control of Infant Formula production in this country, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“China has obtained the back-door key to New Zealand’s added value dairy products,” said Mr Peters in a speech to North Canterbury Federated Farmers in Cheviot today.

“They have set up their own dairy facilities and own, operate and control the Infant Formula supply chain from New Zealand all the way to the baby’s mouth in China.

“Chinese companies Evergrand, Synlait, Yashili, Yili/Oceania Dairy and the Chinese controlled Mautaura Valley Milk have tied up Infant Formula production here while Fonterra, which had a head start, has squandered that lead.

“Fonterra are now well back in the pack, if not last.

“Our red meat industry is in crisis also, whether commentators realise it or not.

“It was strangely coincidental that shortly after Shanghai Maling obtained a controlling interest in Silver Fern Farms, the chilled lamb market miraculously opened in China.

“New Zealand First believes in free trade and economic nationalism which supports our farmers.

“But we do not believe in handing over our wealth, assets and resources to foreigners,” said Mr Peters.