Falling Short On House Building In Auckland

Only 4,472 houses were completed in Auckland from January to October 2016 last year – in a city that is short of 40,000 houses.

“There may have been more consents but people can only live in a house that is finished to the required standard,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“It’s troublesome that the Prime Minister maintained in Parliament today there is more housing and infrastructure building in Auckland than for a generation – after nine years of doing nothing that’s very easy to accomplish.

“According to the PM, this level of building is going to continue for the next four or five years – which doesn’t bode well for the future housing needs of New Zealanders, and especially Aucklanders.

“This month Minister of Social Housing Minister Amy Adams said the government planned to build 11 houses a day in Auckland at a total cost of $2.23 billion.

“The Prime Minster insisted today he had confidence in delivering these houses, yet the cost works out at $185,000 per house on the Minister’s figures.

“Minister Adams had explained that the houses would be affordable at about $650,000 or under.

“The government’s housing policies are a mess, and an embarrassment. This attempt to catch up after creating a housing vacuum has caught them out and there is no hope of improvement.”