Enough Is Enough – Time For A Review

24 November 2016

The letter written by orthopaedic surgeons to Waikato District Health Board proves enough is enough and New Zealand First is calling for an independent review of the whole health system and its funding.

“Health targets imposed by the government have had a negative impact on the system,” says New Zealand First Health Spokesperson Barbara Stewart.

“Patients are missing out on follow-up appointments just so targets can be met. It’s not good enough.

“Many doctors and health professionals are speaking out but the government is ignoring them, preferring instead to rely on false target information.

“The reality is, the targets are downright dangerous and patient safety is at stake. How much more evidence does the Minister need?

“The letter even states that ‘Waikato Hospital is no longer a safe place to practice elective surgery’. This comes after news that Waikato Hospital was in danger of receiving a fine having not met their targets.

“It’s time for a review to fix the mess caused by National’s failed health policies,” says Mrs Stewart.