English Puzzled And Confused

09 May 2017

The New Zealand public will be concerned that Prime Minister Bill English has been puzzled and confused over three major issues in recent days, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“How can you reconcile this statement, ‘you can’t have no-one responsible’ for a manned re-entry when no-one has been accountable for the disaster which cost 29 lives.

“Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Clement has admitted the Pike River families were not shown footage of a mine rescuer in the drift which is key footage.

“Yet Mr English’s deputy Paula Bennett said the families were shown ‘key parts’ of the video footage in 2011.

“New Zealand First asked Mr English in Parliament who could we trust, Paula Bennett or Mr Clement, but Mr English failed to answer, instead he passed the buck to the police.

“Mr English’s confusion comes after he admitted late last week to being puzzled by the 92,700 Kiwis aged from 15 to 24 who do not have jobs, are not in education or training.

“And he said this week he could not understand why the Australian government thinks New Zealand is being used as a backdoor for migrants wanting to get to Australia.

“He’s having a memory fade like his predecessor because it was being pointed out all through the 1990s, and in 2003 when National MP Katherine Rich, in copycat-mode, said New Zealand’s lower standard of entry created the backdoor and many of the immigrants to Australia would never pass Australia’s far more stringent test?

“Mr English has lost his grip,” says Mr Peters.