Employer Trying To Sideline Kiwi Workers

An employer in Opotiki is blatantly cutting out New Zealanders for a job at his service station by requiring a fluent Chinese speaker.


“This is a clear example of an employer taking advantage of record immigration and the thousands of unskilled migrants seeking jobs,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“This employer knows that migrants are cheaper to hire, and will work under any conditions just to keep a job because they want to stay in New Zealand.


“There is no shortage of workers in Opotiki and the rest of the Eastern Bay of Plenty.


“The advertisement on TradeMe discriminates against New Zealanders in favour of new migrants who have less understanding of fair wages and working conditions that New Zealand once prided itself on.


“We understand this employer is Chinese and lives in Auckland.


“With immigration running at new records each year under the National government, tens of thousands of migrants are competing with New Zealanders for jobs.


“National has allowed unfocused immigration, instead of targeting the skills we need.


“A service station manager should not be on the skills shortage list,” says Mr Peters.


The Bay of Plenty has 7600 registered unemployed.