Dog Whistling About Boot Camps Bit Late For National

Serious youth offenders have been allowed to run amok under National, which is now panicking and pouring $60 million into a boot camp and community groups.

“It’s in a rush to herd them into the army and hide them, but dog whistling now about boot camps won’t save National,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“National created this problem by its lack of resourcing for the police and not recognising that many youth go off the rails at school.

“For many, school is not the best fit.

“New Zealand First would take these youth out of school, before they get into bashing and threatening dairy owners, and give them a chance.

“Our Youth Education Training and Employment scheme would put them into paid training in the Defence Force where they would improve their literacy and numeracy and learn a trade.

“They’d have something to focus on, and wouldn’t be wandering the streets looking for trouble.

“By 18 they would be work ready and valuable to our workforce.

“National has had nine years, and all it can do to appease dairy owners and others who have been victims of youth crime is rush out a tired old boot camp idea.

“It’s already tried boot camps with little success – National hasn’t managed crime and it’s run out of ideas. Had enough?”