Dice Stacked Against Kiwi Job Seekers

01 February 2017

National is stacking the dice against Kiwi workers, tossing more on to the dole queue, says New Zealand First.

“The door is being left wide open for immigrants - dimming the chances of full-time work for locals,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“Another 10,000 people were recorded as being unemployed in December 2016, with unemployment rising to 5.2 per cent nationally.


“Many will have families to support, but National is indifferent.


“Its prime objective is to set up competition for jobs to keep a lid on wages.


“Opportunities for New Zealanders are being killed off by National.


“Vacancies, especially in the low-skilled area, are filled by immigrants desperate to pay their way. They’ll accept low cash wages and poor conditions from unscrupulous employers.


“National has no philosophy to put New Zealanders first. Its only concern is cheap labour and using immigration to inflate job competition.


“Ministers make sweeping statements about job creation. But employment figures count anyone who works just one hour a week as being employed. That this is the criteria is a scandal in itself.


“Northland unemployment has gone from 6 per cent in December 2015 to 7.3 per cent in December last year. What happened to National’s much hyped economic development plan?


“Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith can talk all he likes about job creation, but what would he say if he came face to face with the 10,000 Kiwis who have just been added to the unemployment statistics,” says Mr Peters.