Denying Most Kiwis Live Cricket Not A Fair Go

Kiwis are again being denied the chance of seeing top live free-to-air sport on television over the Christmas-New Year break when the Blackcaps take on Bangladesh, says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Sport and Recreation Clayton Mitchell.

“This time of year Kiwis love to get together with friends and family and it can be a great chance to enjoy some top sport together.

“This used to happen but these days with pay-to-view television hundreds of thousands of Kiwis miss out because they cannot afford to pay for Sky.  More than one million homes in New Zealand don’t have Sky.

“On Boxing Day, the Blackcaps play Bangladesh at Hagley Oval in Christchurch which is one of the few days in the year when most Kiwis are not working.

“Only those who attend the match and people who can afford Sky will be able to see it.

“This is totally wrong; why should Kiwis have to pay over and over – to fund state television, to put money into sport and then to a private broadcaster?

“Also, New Zealand is lagging behind other countries such as Australia and the UK which ensure sports events are televised live.

“Broadcasting games of national significance will ensure sports that are significant to New Zealanders will be screened live and free-to-air,” says Mr Mitchell.