Daggers Being Worn In Public - Not For New Zealand

New Zealand First questions National’s intention to allow Sikhs to carry daggers in public.

“National will change the law under the Crimes Act to allow Sikhs to carry the kirpan, their ceremonial dagger,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP, Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“They have a member’s bill in Parliament to do this and, according to political journalist Richard Harman, renewed their promise to the Sikh community a week ago.

“This is a rule to favour some while others bear the full brunt of the law if they carry anything that could be considered a weapon.

“If Sikhs can do this as part of their customs, then what do we say to Maori who want to carry their traditional weapon a taiaha, or perhaps a Hindu who wants to carry a trident, their traditional a three-pronged spear.

“We have sympathy for the Sikh community and their adherence to their laws, but they are in New Zealand now and it’s our laws that must apply.

“Perhaps it’s time for a serious talk with the Sikh community to avoid people walking around with a dagger of cold hard steel.

“All cultures must adapt especially when they live in another country.

“Clearly they are caught up in another of National’s desperate efforts to secure votes,” says Mr Peters.