Crown Manager Withdrawn At Kaipara District Council: We Told You So

26 April 2017

With the withdrawal by the government of its Crown Manager at Kaipara District Council over “technical difficulties” New Zealand First can only say: We told you so.

“Mr Peter Winder, a former commissioner for the debt-ridden Kaipara District Council, should not have been appointed as Crown Manager as we pointed out in July last year,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Mr Winder had done nothing for the ratepayers in the past.

“He was one of three commissioners who failed to take action against the project manager of the disastrous sewerage scheme, which had a massive blow-out in costs.

“The commissioners hardly made a dent in the debt the council had been laden with and they are still lumbered with paying off $65m.

“The fact is Mr Winder was a government ‘mate’ and that’s how he got the position.

“Which begs the question about the other appointment the government made as the Crown Observer  - what on earth is he doing there if it is not to stop the new council from investigating the improper decisions of the three commissioners,” says Mr Peters.