Chance For North Rodney To Leave Hide's Super City Disaster

The people of North Rodney should be given the chance to decide whether they want to remain in Auckland’s Super City or not, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“The manner in which North Rodney was forced to join the Super City suggests an injustice was done.

“To give locals the chance to voice their opinion on the subject New Zealand First is committed to holding a binding referendum to decide whether they want to leave the Super City, or remain.

“In 2009 a government select committee recommended North Rodney should not be part of the then proposed Super City.

“However, the Minister of Local Government at the time, Rodney Hide, claimed he had received an enormous number of requests opposing this move.

“In the end he won the day, the select committee backed down and North Rodney had to join the Super City.

“Under an Official Information Act request Mr Hyde’s ‘enormous number’ was later found to be only 28.

“A group opposing North Rodney’s inclusion, the Northern Action Group, collected a 6300 petition requesting the select committee’s recommendation be reinstated but this was ignored by the National government.

“Since then the group has battled the Local Government Commission to get a fair hearing, without success.

“For a democratic country such as New Zealand this is unacceptable; a binding referendum must be held,” says Mr Peters.