“New Zealand First will promote diverse, innovative and quality programming, including programmes reflecting New Zealand’s identity, character and cultural diversity.  It will also promote the development of a broadcasting industry that is responsive to audience needs, respects community standards and places a high priority on the protection of children from harmful material.”

— Rt Hon Winston Peters


  • Create a new crown entity named the "Public Media Commission of New Zealand" as an umbrella organisation for TVOne/TVOne+1, Radio New Zealand and related online content.
  • Ensure that all appointments to the Public Media Commission of New Zealand Board are made on experience and expertise, with appropriate representation from both industry and consumers.
  • De-commercialise TVOne and TVOne+1 and separate it from TVNZ’s remaining commercial channels (which would remain an SOE).
  • Require that salaries paid above public service bands be cleared with, and signed off by the responsible Ministers.
  • Support community-based television and radio broadcasting by requiring NZ on Air to prioritise regional/community radio and television media among its other priorities.
  • Establish a five-year external review cycle for NZ on Air with the purpose of improving processes and funding mechanisms to develop the amount and quality of New Zealand content.
  • Work with Netsafe and InternetNZ to address the area of public concern around broadcasting standards especially in relation to violence, obscenities, and pornography (including a rating system for video games).
  • Amend the Broadcasting Act to recognise sport as part of the New Zealand identity and to broadcast Games of National Significance live and on free-to-air television.
  • Improve Radio New Zealand's international services to the Pacific region.


  • Develop a framework for the sharing of telecommunications infrastructure to enhance seamless consumer and business access – especially with next generation networks.
  • Ensure that social objectives are safeguarded in the interest of both business and consumers.
  • Support a review to ensure the right to privacy is included in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.
  • Promote the right of New Zealanders to have full access to their personal information held on government databases to ensure it is correct and require that information be held in New Zealand.
  • Standardise digital privacy controls, records retention and security issues.
  • Address issues of cyber-citizenship including cyber-safety and preventing cyber-crime.
  • Restore "Computers in Homes" and directly support Digital Literacy for senior citizens via SeniorNet.