Biosecurity A Sick Cow Under Nathan Guy

02 August 2017

New Zealand’s biosecurity has turned into a sick cow under Minister of Primary Industries Nathan Guy, says New Zealand First Biosecurity Spokesperson Richard Prosser.

“Mr Guy boasted in Parliament today that New Zealand has a multi-layered biosecurity system.

“It would be more accurate if he said it was a multi-layered failure.

“How can he claim in all honesty that he is overseeing a robust biosecurity system when the government’s much vaunted National Animal Identification & Tracing Scheme only kicked in gear 10 days after the cattle disease mycoplasma bovis was found to have infected 150 cows in South Canterbury?

“This latest incursion followed recent incursions of myrtle rust, pea weevil and velvet leaf.

“Since National came into government in 2008 there have been over 150 biosecurity incursions.

“It is totally erroneous to talk of robust biosecurity in New Zealand when not one airport has been compliant with the Ministry of Primary Industries’ performance standard,” says Mr Prosser.