Bill Picks Up School Drop Outs And Makes Them Work Ready

New Zealand First’s Youth Employment, Training and Education Bill, drawn from the members’ bill ballot today, aims to help 90,000 school drop outs who are languishing on the unemployment benefit.

“We will introduce a programme to get youth between 15-17 years of age into paid work after they become disengaged from school,” says New Zealand First Social Development Spokesperson  Darroch Ball.


“They will be in the Army to work, train and  learn trade skills so they are work ready by the time they turn 18.


“The New Zealand Army already has an existing youth development unit that will be expanded and fully resourced.


“Youth will be trained in all of the trade skills that the Army provides including hospitality, catering, construction and mechanics.  They will obtain a driver’s licence, learn first aid, and achieve basic literacy and numeracy to level two.


“For too long our youth have had to endure a chronic unemployment rate with no real alternative pathway.  This Bill allows them to move directly from school at 15 straight into paid employment – keeping them engaged during the most important and formative years of their lives.


“The Youth Employment, Training and Education Bill establishes a formal pathway outside of the school system that gives kids another pathway to success,” says Mr Ball