Big Spending National Throws Out The Election Lollies

National is earning its “Big Spender” title as it panic buys votes, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“They’re not only blowing the budget, they’re acting like Santa Claus at a lolly scramble today with $2.6 billion thrown at the Auckland transport nightmare.

“This is not the behaviour of sound economic managers or a responsible government which would have kept diligently to Budget 2017.

“They’ve had nine years to sort Auckland congestion, did little, and had to be dragged into bringing forward action on the vital City Rail Link. The latest Big Spend is all about National crawling to Auckland voters to shore up its eroding poll percentages.

“The NZ Herald sycophantically says National are Gridlock Busters - they have got to be joking, it was National that built it up with mass immigration to Auckland and kept piling debt on to the back of Kiwis all around the country,” says Mr Peters.