Barclay Squirms As English Dodges- Yet Again

Prime Minister Bill English’s refusal to open up in Parliament today about his role in the Barclay Debacle will damage his credibility in the eyes of the New Zealand public, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“While Todd Barclay squirmed in his parliamentary chair wishing he was somewhere else, his leader Mr English gave his usual unconvincing and evasive performance hiding behind one-line naysaying.

“With taxpayer money being used as hush-up money in a cover-up, the New Zealand public has a right to know what the Prime Minister’s role was in this debacle.

“Why was he in constant communication with Glenys Dickson? Why will he not release his phone records concerning his communications with her?

“If he had nothing to hide, then these questions would be easy for him to answer, but he won’t,” says Mr Peters.