Ball In Bennett's Court To Fix Pay Gap

Fixing the pay gap between men and women rests on Minister for Women Paula Bennett’s shoulders – she has to lead the way in the Public Service, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.


“The ball is in her court – as part of government that employs 47,500 people in the Public Service she can change the system and attitudes.


“It is no good calling out employers and saying it is disappointing, that’s just headline grabbing.


“Crown law has a 39 per cent gap, Social Services Commission 27 per cent and Ministry of Education a 26 per cent gap.


“The Minister must stride into Cabinet and say no job is “women’s work”, it’s time for a change.


“In many New Zealand homes women are the breadwinners. In most homes they work to pay a large share of household costs.


“Families rely on women working, and there is a huge requirement for women to work, yet they do not get fair wages.


“The Minister should make the Public Service lead by example. But the National government has a poor record - any narrowing in the pay gap has stalled in the past decade.


“A good start would be to do away with secretive employment contracts, which set worker up against worker so no one knows the pay levels, and the onus should not be on employees to negotiate.


“Across the public service there is a pay gap of 14 per cent, and women are concentrated in the lower paid jobs, like clerical and admin staff, contact centre workers, and social and education positions,” says Mr Peters.