Auditor-General Goes, But Accountability Paramount

The circumstances of the Auditor-General’s resignation are seriously regrettable, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“However, anyone holding a higher public office must be accountable.

“What is clear here is that the government and the system were slow to move over the fraud at the Ministry of Transport by Joanne Harrison, Martin Matthews’ actions as CEO and his later promotion to the job of Auditor-General.

“The whistle-blowers should never have been treated in the way they were and deserve a serious explanation as to why the system failed them – and they lost their jobs – when they were doing a public duty in lifting the lid on illegal activity. In this country there should be one rule for all.

“There will be no lessons in this unless the independent review of Mr Matthews’ position is released publicly,” says Mr Peters.