Another Slap In The Face For Teachers From Parata

12 April 2017

Minister of Education Hekia Parata can’t leave fast enough for the teachers of New Zealand, says New Zealand First Education Spokesperson Tracey Martin. 

“To say that teachers pass the lowest bar for entry of any profession is degrading to teachers, and she should apologise.

“Ironically, this is the Minister who said Charter Schools didn’t need to have trained and qualified teachers because anyone could teach,” says Mrs Martin.

“She also decided that the early childhood education and care sector didn’t need to employ 100 per cent trained and qualified teachers.

“The hypocrisy of the National government beggars belief and statements belittling teachers’ ability are disingenuous and misleading.

“It is with real disappointment that we read comments attributed to Labour MP Chris Hipkins which suggest that the literacy and numeracy skills of teachers are deficient and that a post-graduate qualification is the answer.

“If we have problems with initial teacher training, and we know we do after the recent Select Committee inquiry, then the answer is for the government to take back control of this training.

“New Zealand First would re-introduce dedicated Teacher Training Colleges and review and strengthen the entry criteria for initial teacher training.

“It’s not the only action New Zealand First would take, but it’s a good first step,” says Mrs. Martin.