Agent Rubs Kiwi Noses In It With Chinese Purchase Post

The Auckland real estate agent complaining about a backlash from New Zealanders should not be surprised, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Fiona Li, of Harcourts, is rubbing New Zealanders nose in it by posting a photo and words to Facebook that says: SOLD! ‘Very happy overseas buyers from China, just off plane arrived today. They are looking for more houses to buy’.

“While the agent argues she has a responsibility to her vendors to sell to the highest bidder, she hardly needed to post such a provocative photo and message.

“Of course she would get a backlash. But she wants to bear in mind there will be thousands of Kiwis out there who are angry but too polite to speak out. For that she can be grateful.

“Did she ever think what the reaction would be if the reverse was happening in Beijing?

“The National government has denied there is a housing crisis and has fiddled with the rules – but foreign players have played a huge role in pushing up prices around the country.”