530,000 Miss Out On Proper Insulation - NZ First To Fix It

All New Zealanders should have a warm home and New Zealand First will make this possible, says New Zealand First leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Our Insulate NZ programme will be a Public Private Partnership and target the remaining 530,000 homes that have no or inadequate insulation. 

“We will aim to insulate 53,000 homes each year and provide a $1000 subsidy for each house which works out at $53 million a year over 10 years.

“We want an end to what was reported last week – the story of a Kapiti family who said their rental property was so mouldy, damp and hard to heat that they would be better off living in a tent.

“In June next year the government will axe the Warm-Up NZ insulation programmes.

“With so many young children and older people’s health being put at risk this is appalling.

“The good news is New Zealand First has a policy which will work to end this shocking situation,” says Mr Peters, who announced the new policy in Hamilton this morning.